tiled floor restoration
Featured Project

Minton Floor Restoration, Winsford, Cheshire

This beautiful Minton floor had been severely damaged over time and there was a large area of border tiles missing which had been infilled with concrete.  There were also missing tiles in the door thresholds and a centre section of the floor which was completely loose.  We reclaimed the tiles from under the staircase to repair the damaged areas and restored the floor to its former glory!

“We discovered the tiled hallway soon after we moved in 9 years ago, but realised it was in a relatively poor state after being hidden under carpet for years. We were delighted to find Cheshire Restoration Services based locally and they undertook the painstaking task of lifting some of the existing tiles, repairing the floor and continuing the pattern to create a stunning entrance hallway, as the before and after photos clearly demonstrate. Highly efficient, prompt, very courteous and excellent value. We have no hesitation in recommending Cheshire Restoration Services.” Mr & Mrs Humphreys