Minton Floor Restoration
Featured Project

Minton Tile Restoration, Stalybrigde, Greater Manchester

This project was another favourite of ours.  There were considerably more loose and damaged tiles across the whole floor than was originally anticipated.  This is often the case as tiles can be like dominos – when one goes then so do all the others in the vicinity!  Our process minimises tiles lifting but when the substrate has failed, as it had here, it was necessary to remove all these areas of tiles.  This meant that we could rebuild the substrate and ensure that the tiles will strongly adhere for many, many years to come.

Having removed all the failed material, the substrate was rebuilt ready for the tiles to be laid.  We used a combination of original tiles and hand-cut reproduction tiles to complete the floor.  Once tiled and grouted the floor underwent an intensive restorative clean and was sealed with a long-lasting matt finish sealer.